Feb. 2018: Review of For In-Between Times will appear in the Computer Music Journal Vol. 41 (4)

Apr. 2018: Performance with Marseille LABO Band, Marseille

Apr. 2018: along the eaves will be presented at the Festival Mixtur 2018 in Barcelona, Spain

Dec. 7, 2017: Among the echoes, Cité de la Musique, Marseille

Sep. 27, 2017: Presented sonification research conducted at Institut des Sciences du Mouvement, Aix-Marseille Université at the International Symposium on Computer Music Multidisciplinary Research (CMMR) in Porto, Portugal

July 22: The Loop, Universidade Estadual do Paraná, Brasil

Jun. 18, 2017: palms\haze, Art & Science Days 2017, Bourges, France

May 15 – July 29, 2017: palms\haze, Arcade, Aix-en-Provence, France

May 12, 2017: Performance with Jean-Marc Montera at Festival des Musiques, Friche bel de mai, Marseille; performance at Aisle 404, Marseille

May 3, 2017: Performance of embed (live), with Julien Bayle and Fa Cesario, Marseille

Apr. 30, 2017: Piano Roll, des dimanches de la Canebière, Aix-Marseille Université – Canebière, Marseille

Apr. 27, 2017: palms\haze, a collaboration with Sam Barnett, premiered at Cité de la Musique, Marseille

Mar. 11, 2017: Concert of works, including Piano Roll, cila.rand, embed (live), along the eaves, Séquence et Vitesse, The Loop, and an improvisation with Nicolas Debade, at l’Embobineuse, Marseille

Feb. 4, 2017: Piano Roll, La Semaine du son 2017 in La Ciotat, France

Jan. 7, 2017: Afternoon in the Galapagos was published by sonoscape (UK) – Proceeds go to the World Wildlife Fund

Dec. 14-16, 2016: The Loop and cila.rand, 2016 Joint WOCMAT – IRCAM Forum Conference hosted by Kainan University in Tauyuan City, Taiwan

Dec. 3, 2016: Participated in a panel discussion on my chapter Sample Sharing: Virtual Laptop Ensemble Communities in the The Oxford Handbook of Music and Virtuality at the Art of Record Production Conference at Aalborg University, Aalborg, Denmark

Dec. 1, 2016: Duo with Nicolas Debade and Séquence et Vitesse for real-time electronics and visuals premiered at Cité de la Musique, Marseille, France

Nov. 24, 2016: Piano Roll, Diffrazioni Festival 2016, Florence, Italy

Nov. 9, 18 2016: along the eaves and Piano Roll, Festival Ecos Urbanos in Santa Fe, Mexico City, Mexico

Nov. 16, 2016: Improvisation set (electronics) with Melih Sarigol (TR) and Amand Leyviraz (CH), Multiversal / MultiMars Festival hosted by La Tache in Marseille

Nov. 10, 2016: Gave a talk on and performance of Piano Roll at Videodrome2 in Marseille, France

Oct. 26, 2016: OSCines, EMUFest 2016, Conservatorio Santa Cecilia, Roma, Italy

Oct. 22, 2016: along the eaves, Malaysia Music Technology Festival – SPECTRA 2016, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Oct. 13-16, 2016: Composed new music for Tigrelab‘s (ES) MUTIS visual mapping project, which premiered at the Signal Festival 2016, Prague, Czech Republic

Oct. 14, 2016: Gave a talk on and performance of Piano Roll at the Conservatoire de Musique d’Apt-Luberon in Apt, France

Sep. 25, 2016: Undæ! Radio released Densité on their Undae! Electroacoustic Music I and II compilation

Sep. 13, 2016: Solo guitar performance opening for Chuck Johnson at Data, Marseille, France

Aug. 11-28, 2016: International Music Residency at the OMI International Arts Center, Ghent, NY

Jul. 28, 2016: Presented a concert and SuperCollider workshop at the Bridge PAI, Charlottesville, VA

Jul. 10, 2016: along the eaves, Sonic Environments, New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Brisbane, Australia

Jul. 6, 2016: Interactive electronics and visuals set at La Friche belle de mai, Marseille, France

Jun. 1 – 4, 2016: along the eaves, Journées Art & Science 2016, Bourges, France

May 22, 2016: naucleshg has released my digital album For In-Between Times, which features BabyBirdBeat, embed (live), and other original electro-acoustic works

May 2 – Jul. 29, 2016: Piano Roll, Arcade, Aix-en-Provence, France

Apr. 26, 2016: Piano Roll, Cité de la Musique, Marseille, France

Apr. 25 – Jun. 3, 2016: For Borges, Dada Lives! exhibition, Cincinnati, OH

Apr. 01, 2016: eaves is available on the SEAMUS Electroacoustic Miniatures 2015: Sonic Haikus

Apr. 01, 2016: Presented Inscribing Sound Forms at Journées d’Informatique Musicale, Centre National de Création Musicale d’Albi-Tarn

Mar. 31, 2016: My book chapter Sample Sharing: Virtual Laptop Ensemble Communities is available in The Oxford Handbook of Music and Virtuality, published by Oxford University Press

Mar. 26, 2016: along the eaves, Cicada Consort concert, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa AL

Mar. 11, 2016: Presented From Instrument to Controller at the 4eme Journee des Jeunes chercheurs du GREAM, Strasbourg, France

Mar. 1 – Jun. 15, 2016: Co-composed a new work with The Electroacoustic Collaborative Composition On-line (ECCOL) project, University of Padova, Padova, Italy

Jan. 15, 2016: along the eaves is published on the online journal ink&coda 3.1

Dec. 15, 2015: along the eaves, MUSLAB 2015 Muestra Internacional de Música Electroacústica, Mexico City, Mexico

Nov. 4, 2015: OSCines, eviMus 2015 Festival, Saarland, Germany

Oct. 5, 2015: along the eaves, EMUFest 2015, Conservatorio Santa Cecilia, Roma, Italy

Sep. 30, 2015: along the eaves, International Computer Music Conference 2015, University of North Texas, Denton, Texas

Sep. 24, 2015: embed (live), Radical dB Festival, Zaragoza, Spain

Sep. 12, 2015: along the eaves, Root Signals Electronic Music Festival, Jacksonville University, Jacksonville, FL

Sep. 8, 2015: along the eaves, Oriel Sycharth Gallery Glyndwr, Wrexham, Wales, UK

Apr. 16, 2015: OSCines, Brooklyn Acoustic Ecology Festival 2015, Brooklyn, NY

Apr. 15, 2015: A Theory on Musical Translation dissertation defense (success), University of Florida

Mar. 21, 2015: Dissertation research presentation, 10th Annual Conference of the Social Sciences, University of Florida

Feb. 20, 2015: along the eaves, Florida Contemporary Music Festival, University of Florida

Nov. 29, 2014: Lost in Transformation: Composer as Translator article is available at eContact! 16.3

Oct. 20-25, 2014: OSCines, New Horizons Music Festival, Trueman State University

May 19-23, 2014: BabyBirdBeat, Art and Science Days, Tours / Bourges / Orléans, France

Apr. 24-27, 2014: OSCines, Sweet Thunder Festival of Electro-Acoustic Music, San Francisco, CA

Apr. 12, 2014: cadenceStudie for identical pitched percussion instruments, Midwest Graduate Music Consortium 2014, University of Wisconsin – Madison

Mar. 27-29, 2014: Lost in Transformation: Composer as Translator paper and OSCines presentations, Society of Electroacoustic Music in the United States National Conference, Wesleyan University

Mar. 17, 2014: Doctoral Recital, University of Florida. Features fixed media works, Remoras for flute octet, Vauban for solo piano, Bevel Gear for ‘cello trio, and Improvisation for piano, electric guitar, and interactive electronics.

Mar. 12, 2014: OSCines, Slingshot Athens 2014, Athens, GA

Dec. 14, 2013: OSCines, International Workshop on Computer Music and Audio Technology, Taoyuan, Taiwan

Dec. 13, 2013: BabyBirdBeat, Música Viva Festival, Lisbon, Portugal

Dec. 12, 2013: Glitch Lich performance, US Consulate, Shanghai, China

Nov. 15, 2013: OSCines, Florida Electro-Acoustic Student Festival, Florida International University

Nov. 8-9, 2013: OSCines, Symposium on Acoustic Ecology, University of Kent, UK

Aug. 15-16, 2013: Lost in Transformation: Composer as Translator paper and OSCines presentations, Toronto International Electroacoustic Symposium, Toronto, Canada

Aug. 12-16, 2013: OSCines, International Computer Music Conference 2013, Perth, Australia

Jul. 20-21, 2013: OSCines and La Langue Maternelle, Hilltown New Music Festival, Hilltown, Ireland

Jun. 15-16, 2013: Diptiq, Musical Metacreation Weekend, Sydney, Australia

May 24, 2013: La Langue Maternelle, Festival Silence, Lecce, Italy

May 20-24, 2013: Densité, La Langue Maternelle, and Glitch Lich performance, SuperCollider Symposium 2013, University of Colorado – Boulder

May 3, 2013: Diptiq, Noisefloor Festival, Staffordshire, UK

Apr. 19, 2013: Glitch Lich performance, live.code.festival, Karlsruhe, Germany

Apr. 18, 2013: La Langue Maternelle, Society of Electroacoustic Music in the United States, McNally Smith College of Music

Apr. 6, 2013: Densité, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival 2013, New York City, NY

Mar. 26, 2013: Densité, BulldogBytes Concert Series, South Carolina State University

Mar. 11, 2013: Glitch Lich Guest Lecture, Mills College

Feb. 24, 2013: Glitch Lich, Network Music Festival, Birmingham, UK

Feb. 16, 2013: Densité, Society of Composers Inc. National Conference 2013, The Ohio State University

Feb. 5, 2013: Glitch Lich Composer-in-Residence, Texas A&M University

Jan. 13, 2013: Six4 for Eight Speakers is available on SEAMUS EA Miniatures: Re-Caged